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Faith Baptist Church of Tamazula had its first public 
service on June 14, 2009 after being closed for 
almost one year. Our ties to this church go back to 
1999 when its founding pastor, Rafael Cota, invited 
us here in Alhuey to help him with his first public 
service in his new church building. We had a 
"dedication serive" coupled with a Christmas 
cantata for their very first service.
Rafael and his family returned to Utah a few years 
later and the church was put in the hands of a fellow
Mexican national pastor. The church struggled for 
several years and finally closed its doors in 2007.
In December 2008, Rafael asked us to pray about 
the opportunity of reopening the church. We prayed 
about this and began reconditioning the building 
and property in spring of 2009. 
January 2009
With the help of Westside Baptist church in St. 
George, Utah Faith Baptist church has ungone a 
beautiful facelift: water brought to the property, 
spectic tank installed, inside repainted and bath-
rooms made funcional. 
The visiting and church improvements continue
and we are very encouraged to see the local couples
grow with the help of youth and adults from Alhuey. 
We started from zero in this new church plant, the
work is hard but the Lord is faithful and His glory is
what we are seeking to proclaim.
 As of December 2009
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Faith Baptist Church of Tamazula.